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Road wave-fm-web

Road Wave FM for Web provides a front end interface to query data about terrestrial radio stations.

Road Wave FM for Web

Build State


Development on this project has stalled in favor of focusing on a mobile app front-end (road_wave_fm_ui). We wanted a UI that would be convenient to use while driving, but web apps lack tight integration on mobile devices. If someone's interested in picking this project up feel free to reach out on our Github page.


Road Wave FM for Web provides a front end interface to query data about terrestrial radio stations. The app aims to be a mobile friendly and simple, so that you can hear fresh tunes on long road trips.

  • Use your device's location to find nearby stations
    • Track your location automatically when moving across long distance (like on road trips)
  • Find by using Google's Places API autocomplete (search by Cities, Addresses, etc.)
  • Filter by formats and remember settings
  • Covers the United States and Canada



This package creates static files that can be served by any web server. Some tested options:

Kubernetes Bare Metal

  • Serving Files: Docker Nginx Image
  • Orchestration with Dependencies: Kubernetes Bare-Metal (amd64 and arm64 images)
  • Database: MongoDB Bare-Metal Replica Set
Environment Config
  • deploy/
  • deploy/kube-deploy.yaml


  • Serving Files: AWS Amplify
  • Orchestratio with Dependencies : AWS EKS (amd64 and arm64 images)
  • Database: AWS MongoDB Atlas
Environment Config
  • deploy/aws.amplify.env

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