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Manage - Featuring Next.js, GraphCMS and TailwindCSS

Manage design preview image

The Challenge⚡️

I designed this landing page and wanted to build using new technologies that I've never tried before.

So I went with tailwind for styling, as a developer who uses scss as a tool of choice for styles, I was highly amazed by how tailwind speeds things up.

Here was the challenge:

  • View the optimal layout for each page depending on the device's screen size.
  • Providing all the content from GraphCMS (images, titles, descriptions etc.)
  • Implementing a working testimonial slider on all screen sizes.
  • Beautiful scroll, javascript & css animations.

Built With ✨

  • Tailwind CSS for styling
  • Apollo-client and GraphQL
  • GraphCMS - Headless CMS
  • React - JS library
  • Next.js - React framework
  • Typescript
  • AOS - animation library

Thanks for sharing 🚀

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