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Flamework gateways-mod

Implement Flamework remotes with classes


A Flamework networking mod

✨ Featuring

🌉 Gateways - Handle remote events and functions with classes

🛡️ Guards - Block certain requests before they are processed

📞 Pipes - Transform and validate parameters passed to requests

🌻 Motivation

This is mainly a personal project to handle remotes with classes and decorators.

🔌 Installation

"typeRoots": ["node_modules/@rbxts", "node_modules/@flamework"],
npm install @flamework/[email protected]odding
npm install -D [email protected]
npm install @rbxts/flamework-gateways-mod

📚 Examples

🗂️ Client-server connection

connectServer and connectClient should be called before igniting Flamework.

Do note that guards & pipes will not be applied to external listeners like .on, .wait, etc.!

type ServerGateway = OneGateway & AnotherGateway;

const server = connectServer<ServerGateway, ClientGateway>();

server.emit("clientEvent", players, ...args);
server.broadcast("clientEvent", ...args);
type ClientGateway = OneGateway & AnotherGateway;

const client = connectClient<ServerGateway, ClientGateway>();

client.emit("serverEvent", ...args);
client.request("serverInvoke", ...args).catch(...);

🌉 Gateway

Gateways should be added to Flamework.addPaths()

  guards: [new AdminGuard(["littensy"])],
class AdminGateway {
  constructor(private readonly adminService: AdminService) {}

  @UsePipes([], CommandPipe)
  async processCommand(player: Player, message: string | Array<string>) {
    this.adminService.runCommand(player, message as Array<string>);

  async getCommands() {
    return this.adminService.getCommands();

🛡️ Guard

Creatable guards

class AdminGuard implements CanActivate {
  constructor(private readonly admins: Array<string>) {}

  canActivate(context: ExecutionContext) {
    return this.admins.includes(context.getPlayer().Name);

Singleton guards should be added to Flamework.addPaths()

class CommandDebounceGuard implements CanActivate {
  constructor(private readonly roduxService: RoduxService) {}

  canActivate(context: ExecutionContext) {
    const state = this.roduxService.getState();
    return time() >= state.commandDebounce;

📞 Pipe

Creatable pipe

class CommandPipe implements PipeTransform {
  transform(value: unknown) {
    assert(typeIs(value, "string"), "(CommandPipe) Value must be a string");
    return value.split(" ");

Singleton pipes should be added to Flamework.addPaths()

⚠️ Limitations

❌ Client-side RemoteFunctions are not supported

  • It is difficult to safely determine whether a client remote is a function or an event from the server.

❌ Some type limitations

  • Pipe transformation input/output is not type checked, use Input | Output in the parameter type to keep track (see examples).

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