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Cdktf provider-azuread

Prebuilt Terraform CDK (cdktf) provider for azuread.

Terraform CDK azuread Provider ~> 2.0

This repo builds and publishes the Terraform azuread Provider bindings for CDK for Terraform.

Available Packages


The npm package is available at

npm install @cdktf/provider-azuread


The PyPI package is available at

pipenv install cdktf-cdktf-provider-azuread


The Nuget package is available at

dotnet add package HashiCorp.Cdktf.Providers.Azuread


The Maven package is available at

    <version>[REPLACE WITH DESIRED VERSION]</version>


The go package is generated into the package.

go get


Find auto-generated docs for this provider here: ./ You can also visit a hosted version of the documentation on


This project is explicitly not tracking the Terraform azuread Provider version 1:1. In fact, it always tracks latest of ~> 2.0 with every release. If there are scenarios where you explicitly have to pin your provider version, you can do so by generating the provider constructs manually.

These are the upstream dependencies:

If there are breaking changes (backward incompatible) in any of the above, the major version of this project will be bumped.

Features / Issues / Bugs

Please report bugs and issues to the terraform cdk project:



This is mostly based on projen, which takes care of generating the entire repository.

cdktf-provider-project based on projen

There's a custom project builder which encapsulate the common settings for all cdktf providers.

Provider Version

The provider version can be adjusted in ./.projenrc.js.

Repository Management

The repository is managed by Repository Manager

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