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Install nuxtjs and tailwindcss - Part 1

Nuxt starter for creating a blog

1. Install nuxt js

    npm init nuxt-app blogs
    Project name: Nuxt blog
    Programming language: JavaScript
    Package manager: Npm
    UI framework: Tailwind CSS
    Nuxt.js modules: Axios - Promise based HTTP client
    Linting tools: ESLint, Prettier
    Testing framework: None
    Rendering mode: Universal (SSR / SSG)
    Deployment target: Server (Node.js hosting)
    Development tools: jsconfig.json (Recommended for VS Code if you're not using typescript)
    Continuous integration: None
    Version control system: Git

Waiting install packages

Successfully created project blogs

To get started:

      cd blogs
      npm run dev

To build & start for production:

      cd blogs
      npm run build
      npm run start

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Create blog home page layout with nuxt - Part 2

Create simple blog page and categories with nuxt js and tailwind css